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How to Avoid Tampa Parking Lot Striping LiabilitiesParking lot striping is a service that companies should invest in regularly to keep all markings visible. While service from parking lot striping companies can improve aesthetics and curb appeal, it can also help you avoid disaster. Tampa parking lot striping liabilities are more common than most people realize.

But those liabilities are perfectly avoidable. In this blog, you’ll learn valuable tips on how to avoid costly and reputation-ruining liabilities through Tampa Bay Lot Striping.

What Are Parking Lot Striping Liabilities?

Liability refers to an obligation you have to protect your employees, customers and anyone else who visits your property. Business owners often focus on potential liabilities that could be incurred inside their building or by performing their service. But accidents can happen before people even walk through your door.

Here’s the thing: You have a legal responsibility to protect everyone who steps foot on your property. That doesn’t mean you’re responsible for every injury or incident of damage. But if those events occur due to something you did or didn’t do, you’d be on the opposite end of a legal nightmare.

Tampa parking lot striping is a huge potential source of liability. Most property owners don’t realize that until it’s too late. But the reality is that your parking lot is a never-ending source of risks, and you must do everything you can to minimize them. That’s why hiring a parking lot striping company is so important.

What Types of Accidents Would I Be Liable For?

You would be liable for any accident resulting from poor parking lot maintenance. That includes minor fender-benders in your parking lot and accidents involving personal injury or death.

Say, for example, that your lots are too faded to alert drivers of a pedestrian crossing. So, a driver inadvertently hits someone, causing massive injury. While not driving the car, you didn’t do enough to protect the pedestrian and alert the driver.

Similar parking lot striping liabilities exist for vehicle collisions with no injuries. While no one may get hurt, you’d still be responsible for repairs. Plus, you could be held liable for things like emotional distress.

How Does Striping Affect My Risks?

Think about the types of activities that happen in your parking lot. You have cars coming in and out, pedestrians walking from their vehicles to your entrance, etc. Vehicles and pedestrians don’t mix!

We need Tampa parking lot striping to keep things orderly. Without it, your property would turn into pure chaos. Striping tells drivers where they can and can’t go, where they should park, and more. It also helps designate pedestrian crossing zones, fire lanes, etc.

When lines start to fade and become barely visible, accidents will happen. It’s all about keeping drivers and pedestrians alert.

Fresh Tampa Bay lot striping greatly impacts your property’s safety. When those lines are visible, and your property complies with all ADA regulations, local codes and state laws, there’s a far lower risk of disaster. That should provide peace of mind knowing you won’t be liable for preventable accidents.

How Often Should I Hire a Parking Lot Striping Company?

The best way to avoid liabilities is to hire a parking lot striping to refresh your lines and traffic markings periodically. Typically, parking lot striping companies recommend re-striping services every 12 to 18 months. During those service appointments, teams can stick to the same layout to maintain visibility. Or, you can get a brand-new design for your parking lot striping in Tampa to maximize safety and efficiency.

Either way, stick to that schedule! What’s right for your property will depend on the level of traffic your lot experiences, the types of paint used and many other factors. Consider hiring parking lot striping companies at least once a year for inspection. Experts in Tampa Bay lot striping can help you develop a maintenance schedule that suits your needs.

How Can Striping of Tampa Bay Help Me Avoid Lot Striping Liabilities?

When you need a reliable company to handle all your Tampa parking lot striping needs, Line Striping of Tampa Bay is ready to serve. We’re an experienced contractor that serves property owners throughout the Tampa Bay area. We offer competitive pricing while delivering high-quality results and five-star service from start to finish.

We can handle all your pavement maintenance needs. In addition to parking lot striping in Tampa, we do lot stencils, sign installation, bollard installation, concrete stops, asphalt sealcoating and more.

Contact Line Striping of Tampa Bay today for a free quote. We’re available at (727)800-5987 and We also have an online contact form to submit your information.