Parking Lot Re-Striping

Are your parking lot stripes starting to look worse for wear? If so, it’s time to contact Line Striping of Tampa Bay for parking lot re-striping services. We’re the most trusted parking lot re-striping Tampa FL, proudly serving property owners and managers in Hillsborough, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, Manatee and Polk counties.
We’re parking lot striping experts, offering various services to keep your property in fantastic shape. Whether you want to refresh existing lines or revamp your layout, Line Striping of Tampa Bay can cover all your bases.

Why Do I Need Parking Lot Re-Striping?

When most people think of property safety and aesthetics, parking lot stripes usually aren’t the first things that come to mind. But the reality is that your lot’s striping plays a pivotal role in keeping your property safe and orderly. Your lot is often the first thing people see and interact with when supporting your business. First impressions count, and nothing will turn people off faster than a poorly maintained parking lot!

Parking lot re-striping Tampa FL should be a regular part of your property maintenance routine. Those lines help direct traffic, dictate parking spots and more. While they look great after initial application, constant exposure to the sun, Florida’s heat and rain can cause them to deteriorate fast. Before you know it, those once-vibrant lines look faded and barely visible.

It won’t take long after that for your parking lot to become a disorganized mess. In the worst-case scenario, poor visibility of the lines can lead to fender-benders, personal injuries and a nightmare of liability issues.

Parking lot re-striping contractors are there to refresh the paint, ensuring that your parking area stays well-organized, safe and compliant with all local codes.

How Often Should I Get Parking Lot Re-Striping Service?

Generally, it’s important to work with parking lot re-striping contractors every 18 to 24 months. However, that’s just the baseline. All properties are different, receiving varying levels of wear and weather exposure. Furthermore, different paint formulas offer varying durability. Many property owners invest in parking lot re-striping Tampa FL annually to maintain curb appeal and visibility.

What are the Signs That I Need to Hire a Parking Lot Re-Striping Tampa FL Contractor?

As a good rule of thumb, you should consider contacting a parking lot re-striping company like Line Striping of Tampa Bay once your existing lines lose 25 percent of their visibility. Make a habit of regularly inspecting the paint. Once they start losing their color and reflectivity, Tampa parking lot re-striping is a must!

You can also pay attention to driving habits. As lines fade, you might notice that drivers begin to park outside the lines. Your lot may become less efficient as people drive more haphazardly.

Finally, consider how Tampa parking lot re-striping service might benefit your curb appeal. Faded paint can be an eyesore, so don’t hesitate to invest in re-striping whenever things look less-than-stellar.

What Options Do I Have When I Get Parking Lot Re-Striping Tampa FL?

The beauty of working with a parking lot re-striping company like Line Striping of Tampa Bay is that you have more versatility to get the results you’re after. We can paint over the old lines if your current layout works well. We can also upgrade the paint formula. For example, our thermoplastic paint has high vibrancy and reflectivity while lasting longer than traditional solvent-based paints.

We can modify space sizing and layout when re-striping a parking lot if necessary. Perhaps you must add more accessible spots to ensure your lot is ADA-compliant. Or, maybe you want to add a new no-park zone or pedestrian crossing. Whatever the case, we can do it all!

Why Should I Choose Line Striping of Tampa Bay as My Parking Lot Striping Contractor?

Re-striping a parking lot isn’t easy. While it looks simple, you need the expertise of professionals to get a final product that looks great and lasts as long as possible. When it’s time to consider re-striping a parking lot on your property, contact Line Striping of Tampa Bay.

We’re an experienced parking lot re-striping contractor dedicated to your satisfaction. From small lots to expansive parking complexes, we work hard to deliver the top-quality results and reliable customer service you need. No matter the size and scope of your project, we’re the parking lot re-striping company to make it happen.

Our services go beyond Tampa parking lot re-striping. We also do parking lot maintenance, stenciling, sign installation, concrete stops, bollards and asphalt sealcoating. Want to learn more and get a free job quote? Contact Line Striping of Tampa Bay today! You can submit our online contact form, email us at or call (727)800-5987.

We’re ready to show you why we’re the Tampa Bay area’s best parking lot re-striping contractors