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If you own a business and are planning to paint or repaint your parking lot, there are a few factors to consider. Considering Florida’s warm year-round climate we live in, it’s no doubt that both weather and temperature are major conditions that can’t be overlooked when line striping or painting your parking lot. This is why it’s crucial to work with local professionals who handle parking lot painting in Tampa on a regular basis. In this blog post, we’ll explore how temperature and weather conditions impact parking lot paving and striping.

Parking Lot Painting in Tampa Temperature and Drying Time

Temperature serves as one important factor that determines how much time is needed for the parking lot striping paint to properly dry. Best case scenario, line striping should be done between 50°F and 85°F. 

Naturally, when the temperature is lower than 50°F, the paint will take longer to dry. Lower temperatures also increase the risk of the formation of bubbles and blisters on the surface. If you’ve ever paid attention to a run-down parking lot, you’ll see cracked parking lot lines. 

On the flip side, if the temperature is over 85°F, the paint will dry too fast and may not bond properly to the asphalt or concrete. Improper bonding will lead to peeling and cracking of the coating. Either too cold or too hot can result in the same problem. For Florida businessowners, Line Striping of Tampa Bay is available to schedule painting around extreme temperatures and bring out the best results in one visit.

Humidity and Drying Time

Humidity levels are another critical piece to consider when painting your parking lot. When the humidity levels are high, the moisture in the air interferes with the evaporation of the paint solvents. This reaction causes the striping paint to dry more slowly and can lead to bubbles and blisters.

On the other hand, with low humidity levels, the solvent can evaporate too quickly causing the paint itself to dry too quickly. Additionally, low humidity increases the risk of static electricity; static electricity can lead to dust particles in the air to stick to the wet surface.

Parking Lot Painting in Tampa Rain and Wind Interference

Rain can be detrimental to freshly painted parking lots so keep in mind the forecast when calling to schedule a paint job. The moisture can hinder the bonding of the paint to the surface, leading to, yet again, risk of bubbles and blisters. Heavy rain can also wash away newly painted lines, leading to rework and extra unnecessary costs for the business.

On top of temperature, humidity, and rain, be advised that wind conditions can also impact the quality of the paint job. When working in windy conditions, there’s a higher likelihood of dust and debris settling on the wet surface, rendering the paint job unsatisfactory. In addition, strong gusts of wind can cause the striping paint to splatter and produce an uneven finish.


As one of the best parking lot striping companies around, we understand these weather risks and will work with you and the forecast accordingly. Call Line Striping of Tampa Bay today at 727-800-5987 to receive a quote on your next parking lot painting! We handle all major parking lot striping services, speed bump paint services, line striping machine rental, and more.