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What Routine Should I Follow For Parking Lot Maintenance? It doesn’t matter whether you have a small lot or a huge parking area that holds hundreds of vehicles; you must invest in ongoing Tampa parking lot maintenance! Many incorrectly assume that asphalt is tough enough to last without much care. While it is a tough material, it can succumb to early deterioration without the attention it needs.

So, what tasks should be part of your routine for parking lot maintenance in Tampa?

Is Regular Cleaning Necessary for Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa?

Tampa parking lot maintenance should start with regular cleaning. Sweeping away dust, picking up trash and occasional power washing are all things you or your team can do throughout the year. While asphalt is tough enough to withstand messes, long-term accumulation can cause stubborn stains and deterioration.

The same goes for oil spills and chemicals from vehicles. As those messes linger, they can cause oxidation and damage. Before you know it, you’ll have large cracks, raveling and other problems.

Make a habit of cleaning your paved surfaces regularly as part of your plan for parking lot maintenance in Tampa.

Should Crack Repairs Be Part of My Parking Lot Maintenance Routine?

Cracks can be a huge eyesore, but they’re also the start of major parking lot repair issues. Small hairline cracks and voids occur as the pavement settles. They’re practically unavoidable, even with great parking lot maintenance.

Don’t ignore those cracks! They present the perfect spot for water to penetrate your asphalt. Once it enters, it can widen cracks, cause foundational problems and cause more extensive forms of damage.

Luckily, parking lot repair companies can easily fix cracks. Professionals can fill them with rubberized compounds, which they seal after curing to create a smooth, waterproof surface.

How often you fill cracks depends on the condition and age of your pavement. Some property owners will only have to include crack-filling as part of their asphalt maintenance plan every few years. Ideally, you should hire asphalt repair companies regularly to fill cracks as they develop.

The sooner you fill those voids, the better!

How Often Should I Hire Parking Lot Repair Companies to Address Damage?

Asphalt repair is a big part of your ongoing Tampa parking lot maintenance plan. Damage can occur at any point during your parking lot’s life, and you should address issues as soon as possible. Putting repairs off will only lead to worsening problems.

Whether it’s potholes, raveling or alligator cracks, hire professionals for parking lot repair. Seasoned parking lot repair companies can easily perform patch repairs to restore your pavement and prolong its lifespan.

Parking lot repair should be an annual thing. However, if you can fit it into your Tampa parking lot maintenance budget, having a team come out a few times a year to fix damage can make all the difference.

How Does Sealcoating and Striping Fit into My Parking Lot Maintenance Plan?

One of the most important asphalt maintenance tasks is sealcoating. Parking lot sealcoating provides years of protection from the elements, keeping your pavement pliable enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear while preventing damage caused by oxidation. Years of exposure to the sun and rain take their toll, but asphalt sealcoating will make your parking lot look like new!

It’s best to do parking lot sealcoating every three to five years. The exact timeline depends on the condition of your pavement and the type of exposure your parking lot has. Don’t be afraid to work with a contractor to determine if it’s time for asphalt sealcoating.

After you seal, you can restripe your lot to maintain the visibility of all lines and markings. Investing in lot striping every time you seal your pavement is important. However, you should also fresh paint every 18 to 24 months between parking lot sealcoating appointments to ensure your lines are vibrant.

Let Line Striping of Tampa Bay cover all your asphalt maintenance needs. We’re among the area’s most trusted parking lot maintenance companies, providing numerous services to keep your pavement in great shape. These include parking lot sealcoating, sign installation, stencils and striping. We also install bollards and concrete stops.

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